South Australian Bailliage


"The South Australia Bailliage enjoys all this beautiful state has to offer with both majestic old world charm & the best of modern contemporary art, fashion & dining"


With an array of renowned vintage wine makers and fine dining venues across this majestic state, the South Australia Bailliage enjoys a selection of the finest restuarants, local wines and fresh produce.


Having developed an established reputation for staging exciting themed events offering members a warm, inviting atmosphere, the South Australian Bailliage also serves as the Australian National Chaîne des Rôtisseurs headquarters.


South Australian Bailliage Contacts

Bailli - Serena Harrison-North


Vice Chancelier Argentier - Ted Grinsted

Vice Conseiller Gastronomique - Ron Hing

Vice Conseiller Culinaire - Hamish Robertson

Vice Chargée de Presse - Sophie Davis

Vice Echanson - Adam Vonthethoff